• Summer Days in Costa Rica

    'Pura Vida'

    Tai Chi Kung Fu & Vedic Thai Massage

    A Journey of Healing and Movement

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    June 6th

    July 25th

    August 1st

  • "Where will I stay?"

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  • Rancho Delicioso - Nature Loft

  • Comfort and Nature

    Yoga and Nature

    Healthy Food

    Luxury Accommodations in the Jungle

  • What's Happening?

    What's included in this retreat:

    At a Glance


    - Learn Chen Style Taijiquan (Laojia)
    - Wudang Zhang 5 animals Qi Gong
    - Chinese Boxing Heart Health Exercises
    - Healthy Food and Rainbow Juice Cleanse
    - Movement and Flow - Discover your body.
    - Basic To Advanced Training in Thai Massage
    - Daily Yoga Practice
    - Costa Rican Waterfall & Beach Hikes

    How Your Stay Will Look & FeeL

    Start by Settling in with Tea to Help you Relax after a long journey. Sit with and introduce yourself to other guests. In the morning you will meet your instructors for morning Taiji Meditation and Qi Gong Practice. Approximately 2 hours from 8am-10 am. This will be followed by brunch and a relaxing afternoon of Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga and Bodywork such as various massage techniques. Fresh Squeezed Juice will be served and rest and journaling encouraged. Most evenings will end with a more specialized movement such as chinese boxing, push hands, aerial silks, and baguazang.

    Catering Available ($150 per person 7 days 3 Meals Per Day)

    The Retreat includes, a Juice Cleanse, meaning we may fast for 5-7 days on only Juice & Fruit. If you feel like you'd like to eat more, there is a restaurant on-site, or you can pay in advance for catering.


    Wonderland Restaurant on Property
    * CUISINES of Seasonal Items, Contemporary, Fusion, Healthy, Central American, Costa Rican, Latin, Seafood, Spanish, South American

    Waterfall & Beach Hikes

    Included in your stay is are scheduled days to journey to one of the nearby waterfalls in an excursion & explore, snorkeling in crystal clear blue waters to Tortuga Island & practice Tai Chi on the Beach, hike in the National Park Cabo Blanco, and an option to Horseback Ride on the Beach.

    What's Included

    Classes & Instruction in Tai Chi & Vedic Thai Massage

    Lodging 7 days
    Juice Preparation & Cleanse
    Jungle Beach Adventure
    Cleaning Service
    Use of Yoga Deck and amenities ( Blocks, Matts, Aerial Silks )

    What you should know...

    Costa Rica is a wild place!

    There are animals and bugs, so take precautions. Bring bugs spray and any allergy medications you may need.


    We recommend loose light clothing. The weather is very friendly, it is like being at the beach all day. We recommend a small towel or shawl for your comfort, as well as comfortable shoes and sandals.


    If you need reliable internet at all times, we recommend to get a SIM card at the airport. We have wifi at our location however.


    We also expect a level of physical fitness or willingness to do the activities on the retreat. Some activities demand medium energy physical input and stamina. We will be practicing martial arts, yoga, and massage. We will also be taking a group hike and optional horse riding. Nothing would be too strenuous but we want to make sure you know we want you to connect with your body through healthy activities. Costa Rica is the best place for this.

  • How to Get there:

    Every adventure has its journey!

    Fly Into San Jose Airport

    San Jose Airport, or SJO, is situated about 20 minutes outside of the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Most of the International flights arrive at this airport. Rancho Delicioso, a 43 Hectare (106 acre) property, is in the center of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula between the towns of Santa Teresa, Malpais, and Montezuma. You can reach Rancho Delicioso in many ways including:

    Domestic Flight & Taxi
    Shuttle (Recommended) $50
    Bus & Taxi Cost of $15
    Drive a Rental Car

    Additional Instructions

    How to get there:

    Plane & Taxi Combo from San Jose Airport
    Sansa and Nature Air are the two airlines that fly here. It takes only 30 minute air travel to reach our local airport in Tambor. From San Jose and it will cost $75-$105 (each way). After reaching Tambor, you can take a taxi with a 30 minute scenic ride for $40.

    You can’t always get the flight you want right after you arrive, in which case you can stay in a hotel near the airport for a night.

    If you’re flying with Sansa Airlines, you must leave the International Airport and walk to the left to the Domestic terminal. There you can book Sansa air ticket to Tambor. You can also ask for a rental car waiting at the airport in Tambor. It will make your journey more stress free and you will not have to worry about navigating the whole journey. It’s better to rent a 4×4 car as it will be perfect for the adventurous roads.

    Shuttle Van Service (Included in Price)
    Shuttle van service is provided by Montezuma Expeditions and is around $50 from the airport directly to the farm. You should sign up for this group shuttle by email ahead of time. You will get a confirmation email and they’ll provide you details of how it works.

    From the airport to the ferry in Puntarenas, it takes 90 minutes. You will get your tickets from the shuttle driver who will also help you board the ferry. You carry your luggage onto the ferry and another shuttle picks you up on the other side. The ferry ride will also take about 90 minutes. The ferry is fun and you can sometimes see dolphins, whales or other sea life.

    On the other side in Paquera, you will board another shuttle with which you will reach the amazing Nicoya Peninsula area. From Paquera it will take another 90 minutes to reach Rancho Delicioso.

    When returning, the pick-up time from Rancho Delicioso is 7am in high season and 9am in low season.


    Returning you will reach San Jose International Airport between 12-12:30pm or 2-2:30pm. Keep in mind that you must arrive a minimum of 2 hours before your flight leaves, and they actually recommend 3 hours.




    For all possible directions.

  • Covid-19 Update



    You must also complete an epidemiological form stating your health. Additionally, must prove that you have health insurance in case you encounter any covid-related emergencies. The TRAWICK International Insurance is recommended. This information is accessible via the Costa Rican embassy. You must check if your country has any other restrictions. Visit https://cr.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/ for more info.


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