• The Art of Movement​

    Internal Energy Practices & Gong Fu Ancient Combat Arts

    Nei Gong

    The Soft Way

    This practice is the lowest impact training to help strengthen and protect your internal organs, ligaments, & tendons. The is an Ancient Chinese practice which translates into "The Soft Way" 

    Qi Gong

    Energy Work

    Qi Gong can be thought of as the brother to Nei Gong. While Nei Gong is all about staying soft and relaxing, Qi Gong can encourage more tightening of the muscles and standing in specific postures to allow you to cultivate the most energy possible to you.

    Taiji Quan

    The Grand Ultimate

    Think of Taiji formally known as Tai Chi as a Supreme Qi Gong Form or Dance. If Nei Gong is Qi Gong's sister than Taiji is Qi Gong's Father or Grand Father. Taiji is a series of Gong Fu Postures blended together into a seamless Flow Form. This practice has tremendous positive impacts of the health of ones body and mind. It is considered a moving meditation once you get in the flow and can relax into the movement and postures. I like to call it a slow martial arts dance but it is much more than just that!


    8 Trigram Palm

    Another Ancient Chinese Internal Martial Art Style also referred to as simply Bagua or Pakua. This practice similar to Taiji helps strengthen and improve your skeletal system, your agility, and your balance. Internal in my simplest version is hard on the inside yet soft and relaxed in the muscles and tension. External is more focused on blocking and stopping with strength and power. Internal arts teach you to yield and get out of the way when you can.


    Energy that Explodes from Internal Energy

    Walu is a style of Kung Fu I learned from Ray Hager of the Chinese Boxing Institute International and it includes all of these art forms and more. The founder Christopher Casey also known as 'Kai Sai' was born and raised in Tennessee United States and found himself in Taiwan during a pivotal point in history when most of the Chinese Gong Fu Masters fled over there from China. That is where he encountered the Grand Masters of Walu. It includes a series of carefully chosen martial arts qi gong exercises as well as several martial arts form and partner practices. More can be found at ChineseBoxingInternational.com and Walukungfu.org 

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